2022-2023 Visitors

  • Emmanuel Bermon

    Modeling the Intentionality of the Mind: Augustine’s Concept of intentio in Book XI of De Trinitate

  • Elisa Coda

    Arabic and Latin Readers of Themistius in the Middle Ages: The Intellect and Its Objects

  • Anna Corrias

    Reading Aristotle's Mind: Marsilio Ficino on Theophrastus on the Intellect

  • Giulia De Cesaris

    A Platonic Hylomorphic Model for Living Beings? The Epinomis and the Alliance(s) of Body and Soul

  • Lydia Deni Gamboa López

    Adam of Wodeham and Walter Chatton on the Controversy over Higher-Order Theories Of Consciousness

  • Pierre Destrée

    Aristotle on Philosophical Humor

  • Matthew Glaser

    First-person Authority and the Value of Self-knowledge in Aquinas

  • Stephen Howard

    Kant’s Cosmological Critique: Rational Cosmology and Kant’s Critical Philosophy

  • Michael Lang

    Being and Goodness in Aristotle’s Metaphysics

  • Hannah Laurens

    The Self in Aristotle's Conception of Life

  • Anna Marmodoro

    Metaphysical Issues in Classical and Late Antiquity

  • Paula Oliveira e Silva

    Knowledge as immanent activity in 16th-century Iberian commentaries on Aristotle's De anima

  • Mark Textor

    Lotze's Interested Mind