2024-2025 Visitors

  • Rosabel Ansari

    Language and Being in al-Fārābī: Doubt and the question of what is?

  • Claudia Appolloni

    Olivi vs. Aquinas? Intentional Objects, Social Ontology and the Causality of Sacraments in Olivi’s Unedited De Sacramentis

  • Carolina Armenteros

    The Reception of Joseph de Maistre’s Du Pape in the Catholic World, 1819-1870

  • Viktoria Bachmann

    Human's path to himself. On the beginnings of anthropological thought in antiquity from the pre-Socratics to Plato

  • Nevim Borçin

    Ethical Methodology in Aristotle’s Eudemian Ethics

  • Dominic Dold

    Later-Medieval Theories of Definition

  • Evan Dutmer

    "Cicero’s New Leadership: A Proto-Transformational Vision "

  • Emma Emrich

    Richard of Mediavilla and Thomas Aquinas on the Unity of the Soul

  • Christian Emrich

    The Virtue of Religion: John Henry Newman's Theory of Epistemic Normativity and Its Application to Our Faith Commitments

  • Wolfgang Ertl

    Kant's Molinism

  • Tamar Khubulava

    The meaning of the term "epistreptikos erōs" in Pseudo-Dionysius the Areopagite, Ioane Petritsi and Proclus

  • Elisa Magrì

    The Life of the Mind in Hegel's Philosophy of Subjective Spirit.

  • Kamil Majcherek

    Medieval Metaphysics of Numbers, 1250-1500

  • Grayden McCashen

    Irenaeus De Anima: The Soul, Christian Theological Anthropologies, and Liberation