2022-2023 Visitors

  • Edward Alam

    The Role of John Henry Newman's appropriation of the philosophy of John Duns Scotus in the development of Mariology

  • Emmanuel Bermon

    Modeling the Intentionality of the Mind: Augustine’s Concept of intentio in Book XI of De Trinitate

  • Jonathan Buttaci

    Intellectual Agency and Activity in the Thought of Alexander of Aphrodisias

  • Terence Cuneo

    Moral Perception and Common sense in Reid's Moral Philosophy

  • Janelle DeWitt

    Freedom and the Rational Origin of Evil: Kant’s Anselmian Roots

  • Dominic Dold

    Later-Medieval Theories of Definition

  • Brian Garcia

    Dominic of Flanders and John Versoris on the Possible Intellect

  • Michael Lang

    Being and Goodness in Aristotle’s Metaphysics

  • Maria Eduarda Machado

    The Problem of Cosmological Unity in the Metaphysics of Thomas Aquinas

  • Aaron Pidel, SJ

    Aquinas and Suárez on the Church’s Role in the Development of Doctrine

  • Tyler A. Stewart

    The Evolution of Evil: Spirits and Demons in Second Temple Judaism and Early Christianity (200 BCE – CE 100)