Spring 2023 Reading and Work-in-Progress Groups

Rubens Four Philosophers

Below is a list of current working groups in the history of philosophy, along with organizers' contact information. Please note that participation in these groups is restricted to Notre Dame faculty, graduate students, and research visitors.

History of Philosophy Work-In-Progress Group

Contact: Dylan MacFarlane

Thomas Aquinas Reading Group

Aquinas's De malo; every other Thursday off campus.

Contact: Qiu Yu 

Christianity and Philosophy in Late Antiquity Reading Group

Nemesius of Emesa's On the Nature of Man; Fridays from 4:00-5:15 pm, O'Shaughnessy Hall 210.

Contact: John Reilly

Summa Contra Gentiles Reading Group

Fridays at 1:30 pm.

Contact: Andreas Waldstein

French Epistemology and Philosophy of Science Reading Group

Fridays at 10 am, O'Shaughnessy Hall 220.

Contact: Michael Brown

Ancient Greek Reading Group

Aristotle's Rhetoric I; Fridays from 2-3 pm, Malloy Hall 215.  

Contact: Reid Comstock