Reading Group on Maximus the Confessor, led by Jonathan Greig

- (part of a series)

Location: Maritain Library - 437 Geddes Hall (View on map )


Visiting researcher Jonathan Greig (KU Leuven) will lead a biweekly reading group considering Maximus the Confessor amidst the Aristotelian commentary tradition.

The group will read Maximus' Ambiguum 10, which primarily discusses the topic of theoria and praxis, and also treats the Aristotelian categories and other metaphysical topics. Elias of Gaza’s Prolegomena to Philosophy will also be read as a complementing text.

Texts will be read carefully in English during each session with the Greek original on hand, but participants are also encouraged to read in advance.

Please reach out to Chris Enabnit ( to be added to a special mailing list and receive the readings.