2023-2024 Distinguished Visitor Book Manuscript Workshop: Verity Harte, Plato's Philebus: Constructing the Good Human Life

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Location: 220 Malloy Hall (View on map )

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We warmly welcome Prof. Verity Harte to campus as the 2023-2024 Distinguished Visitor of the History of Philosophy Forum.
Verity Harte is George A. Saden Professor of Philosophy and Classics at Yale. Her research focus is the philosophical thought and writings of Plato, especially, and of Aristotle, with more general interests in the history of philosophy throughout the period of Greco-Roman Antiquity. The philosophical topics that she has written on most frequently fall under the general headings of metaphysics, epistemology and moral and philosophical psychology. She is often interested in points of contrast and of comparison between ancient and contemporary approaches to topics in these areas.

Her main research project at present concerns Plato's Philebus, on which she is writing a monograph for the Cambridge University Press series Studies in the Dialogues of Plato (series editor: Mary Margaret McCabe).

On October 6 and 7, Prof. Harte will present two chapters from this project in a workshop, treating especially the dialogue's examination of pleasure and its philosophical psychology.

Registered attendees will receive the chapters to be read in advance of the workshop. Refreshments will be provided at both sessions.

To register for this two-day event and receive the chapters, please fill out the form linked below: