Sokratis-Athanasios Kiosoglou

Visiting Year: 2021

Project Title: Axiomatic-Deductive Method and "More Geometrico": Presentation in Proclus

After receiving a BA in Philosophy and Classics and an MA in the History of Philosophy at the University of Athens, Sokratis-Athanasios Kiosoglou is now working on a PhD thesis at the KU Leuven (Belgium), focusing on Proclus’ geometrical method of presentation and its reception up until the Renaissance. Towering figures such as Boethius, Nicholas of Methone and Marsilio Ficino are involved in an attempt to reconstruct the reception and appreciation of Proclus’ application of the method of geometers to metaphysics. In particular, this PhD research is conducted within the context of the project “Axiomatic-deductive method and more geometrico: presentation in Proclus”, which is carried out by Prof. Jan Opsomer and Prof. Pieter d’ Hoine and funded by the KU Leuven, Internal Research Funds. The Workshop on Ancient Philosophy has invited Kiosoglou to be a visiting graduate student at Notre Dame in the fall of 2021 to work with Prof. Denis Robichaud and Prof. Gretchen Reydams-Schils, in the context of its international collaboration with the KU Leuven.