Prof. Stephen Ogden awarded the Journal of the History of Philosophy 2023 Book Prize

Author: Christopher Enabnit

Bearded man with gray-brown hair and glasses, wearing a flannel shirt and smiling.
Prof. Stephen Ogden

Prof. Stephen Ogden has been awarded the 2023 Book Prize by the Journal of the History of Philosophy for his Averroes on Intellect: From Aristotelian Origins to Aquinas's Critique (Oxford University Press, 2022). The Book Prize is awarded for a volume published in the previous calendar year "which deserves special recognition for its contribution to the history of Western philosophy." Ogden is the Tracey Family Associate Professor of Philosophy and a member of the Faculty Steering Committee for the History of Philosophy Forum.

Read more about the award and Prof. Ogden's book at Daily Nous , where the announcement was first made.