History of Philosophy Works-in-Progress Luncheon: Trent Pomplun, Traversing the Infinite: The Arguments of Ippolito Desideri against Buddhism


Location: Maritain Library - 437 Geddes Hall (View on map )

Man with shaved head and horned rimmed glasses, wearing brown sweater and red-and-white checkered shirt, with crossed arms, standing before tree.
Trent Pomplun

Please join us for this week's History of Philosophy Works-in-Progress Luncheon! This week's presenter is Prof. Trent Pomplun (Department of Theology, University of Notre Dame), who will present on "Traversing the Infinite: The Arguments of Ippolito Desideri against Buddhism."

Each meeting consists of a presentation by a graduate student or faculty member on a project that they are working on in the history of philosophy, followed by a period of comments/questions from other participants. The workshop is designed to give contributors the opportunity to develop ideas and receive helpful feedback on projects/papers in a friendly and low stakes environment.

Lunch is provided for registered attendees.

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Abstract: Arguably, the most profound Thomist philosopher of the Catholic missions in Asia was the Jesuit missionary Ippolito Desideri (1684–1733). In Tibet, Desideri encountered a robust scholastic culture that had long been occupied with refuting various Hindu arguments for the existence of God. My work-in-progress talk will show how Desideri entered these longstanding debates as a Thomist, focusing especially on how he reshaped Aquinas’s argument for the indemonstrability of the eternity of the world to counter Buddhist arguments for karma and rebirth.