History of Christianity and Systematic Theology Colloquium: Prof. Ilaria Ramelli, "Apokatastasis"


Location: Coleman-Morse Lounge

Join the Theology Department for its History of Christianity and Systematic Theology Colloquium, where Prof. Ilaria Ramelli will speak on "Apokatastasis: Philosophico-Theological Perspectives in Patristics and Some Reflections for Theology Today."

The lecture will focus on theoretical issues that buttress Patristic theories of apokatastasis. It will treat in detail a few major philosophical and theological arguments that upport the Patristic doctrine of apokatastasis, especially Christology and the principle of Theoprepeia or what is worthy of God, which are in turn based on philosophical and exegetical bases. The theoretical issues that underpin Patristic theories of apokatastasis are still valid for contemporary theoretical theology.

Originally published at theology.nd.edu.