Fall Forum: Edward Alam, "Metaphysics, Mysticism, and Inter-religious Dialogue: Moving Towards a Mariology for the 21st Century"


Location: 202 DeBartolo

Virgin Of Vladimir Close Up

The History of Philosophy Forum and World Religions World Church (Dept. of Theology) are pleased to welcome Dr. Edward Alam! He will be giving a presentation titled "Metaphysics, Mysticism, and Inter-religious Dialogue: Moving Towards a Mariology for the 21st Century."

Following the talk, John Betz will be a respondent. 

We hope to see you there!

Abstract: The dynamic unfolding in time of timeless eternal truths is a dimension of the perennial metaphysical mystery of the relation of the one to the many, of unity to diversity, of immutability to evolution. The theological and philosophical riches contained in St. John Henry Newman’s exploration of this mystery come into better focus when viewed in the light of his own personal growth in the love and knowledge of the Virgin Mary as the New Eve.  A rereading today of his celebrated 1845 work on the Development of Christian Doctrine through this lens (and through the lens of his Grammar of Assent) reveals the enduring value of these theological and philosophical riches, especially with respect to Marian doctrinal development. Just as in the recent past (1854 and 1950) such development promises to untie the philosophical and psychological knots that preclude homo sapiens from becoming what they potentially already are: divine.

Speaker bio: Edward J. Alam is Professor in the Faculty of Humanities at Notre Dame University-Louiaze in Lebanon, where he has taught courses in Philosophy, History, and Religious Studies since 1996. His long-time association with the Council for Research in Values and Philosophy as its General Secretary (2009-2012) and now as its representative in the Middle East, greatly enriched his appreciation of non-western (Indian, Chinese, African) philosophical achievements, enabling him to travel and teach extensively in many parts of the world from the year 2000 to the present. He is a Consultor on the Pontifical Council for Culture, appointed by Pope Francis in 2011 and renewed in 2019. He presently holds the Endowed Chair of Religious, Cultural, and Philosophical Studies at his university and is a founding member of the International Institute of Ethics and Contemporary Issues. Professor Alam is published widely in his field and holds memberships on a number of editorial boards internationally.