Aristotle's Psychology: Reflections from Contributors to the Cambridge Critical Guide to Aristotle's On the Soul


Location: 134 Malloy Hall (View on map )

On The Soul Critical Guide

Professor Caleb Cohoe (MSU Denver), editor of Aristotle’s On the Soul: A Critical Guide (Cambridge University Press, January 2022) will join Professors Christopher Shields and Sean Kelsey (both contributors to this volume) for a panel discussion on Aristotle’s psychology and philosophy of mind.  For Aristotle, soul is the form which gives life to a body and causes all its activities, from breathing to thinking. He develops a general account of all types of living through examining soul’s causal powers. The panelists will share their interpretations of key Aristotelian topics such as form, harmony, soul, and reason. They will discuss recent scholarship on Aristotle’s psychology, address common misconceptions about Aristotle’s views, and consider his lasting insights.


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