Colloquium: Cognizing as Being in the History of Philosophy

(part of a series)

Location: McKenna Hall 215

Wittgenstein In New York

This year's colloquium, Cognizing as Being in the History of Philosophy, will take place on April 12-13, 2023. Our speakers include:

  • Jonathan Buttaci, The Catholic University of America
  • Caleb Cohoe, Metropolitan University of Denver
  • Lloyd Gerson, University of Toronto
  • Therese Cory, University of Notre Dame
  • Fedor Benevich, University of Edinburgh
  • Denis Robichaud, University of Notre Dame
  • Julia Borcherding, University of Cambridge
  • Katharina Kraus, University of Notre Dame
  • Sebastian Rödl, University of Leipzig
  • Mark Wrathall, University of Oxford

The purpose of this conference is to assemble a wide-ranging perspective on the history and vicissitudes of a certain pattern of theorizing about cognition as a kind of being, or even as being itself.  While this view has made important appearances throughout the historical tradition of philosophy, it has largely “gone missing,” so to speak, from our contemporary conversations about the mind, and even, to a significant extent, from contemporary scholarship about the history of philosophy of mind. 

For more event details, please visit the 2023 colloquium page.