"Ancient and Medieval Theories of the Image” Working Group: Third Meeting


Location: Online

Aquinas 1

The Medieval Institute working group "Ancient and Medieval Theories of the Image” will have the final meeting of the semester on Wednesday, November 11, at 11:00 am-12:15pm. Professor Therese Cory will be giving a talk, titled "Is Everything Like Everything Else?  Aquinas on the Many Modes of Likeness.”


The short text that accompanies Professor Cory’s talk is Thomas Aquinas' Summa theologiae Ia, q. 4, a. 3, on whether creatures are like God. The text can be found here: https://isidore.co/aquinas/summa/FP/FP004.html#FPQ4A3THEP1


All are welcome! Those who are interested in attending should contact Hannah VanSyckel (hvansyck@nd.edu) for Zoom information.